• Get access to our inventory at lower prices through mystery boxes!
  • We buy hundreds of pieces per week, and are eager to sell through all stock to get new inventory! 
  • The value of your mystery box will be greater than or equal to the price of the mystery box. 
  • Blazendary Brand Mystery boxes will contain items from the Blazendary brand like clothing, accessories, hats, or more.

****By purchasing this box, you acknowledge that you willingly buy an item for which you do not know the contents. Shoes/clothes/accessories will be in different sizes and conditions. Upon purchase of this product, the buyer acknowledges that "chargebacks" or "unauthorized purchases/transactions" initiated via their bank and/or creditor should be recognized by Shopify/Stripe/CreditCards/PayPal as an attempt to fraudulently keep the merchandise of the seller while receiving reimbursement.**** 

****Pictures are just examples of products offered in boxes****

We cannot guarantee any size or product requests, however, if you would like to place an order request at checkout we can try our best.